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Sea, beach, hotels, bars, pubs, festivals and sports. All in one in Oludeniz. Also well known worldwide as Blue Lagoon. A well known paragliding place which also holds festivals twice a year with pilots from all over the world showing their best skills. It is not easy to describe paragliding or the feeling of flying but from 7 to 70 every single person should try this once in their life.
This is not an extreme sport. Actually paragliding is one of the easiet sport to learn. Imagine it is a sightseeing tour from air. You will take off from the top of the Babadag mountain which is 1600 mt (or 1900 mt depends on the weather conditions) high and start a slow descent floating the sandy beach with highly experienced pilots.
Trust us, you will fall in love with the panoramic views of the surrounding. A video and many photos of your flight will be recorded and available on your request.
We will collect you from your hotel at your designated time and drive you to Oludeniz, takes you to the top of Babadag, 6,500 feet above sea level. Take flight from the top of the mountain, feeling the wind in your hair.  After the short meeting we will jump on the trucks drive to top point of mountain. After preparation of parachute, harnes and helmet and a short education to passenger we will take off and start to fly, our journey will take 25mins to 45 minutes maximum. Depends on the weather conditions pilots can change the flight duration for security reasons.
 You will sail smoothly down toward the white sands of Oludeniz, doing to aerobatics if you wish. Upon landing on the shores of the famous Oludeniz Beach you will have time to look at your photographs and videos (extra) before being returned to yoru hotel.

This is a once in a lifetime experience!
Feel like a bird with this great experience!

Reservations are required and specific times are guaranteed upon reservation.


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