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  • Red Valley

  • Swords Valley

  • Zemi Valley

  • Aydın Kıragı Hill

  • Rose Valley

  • Göreme Open Air Museum

  • Love Valley

  • White Valley

  • Pasabagı

  • Pigeon Valley

  • Cavusin

  • Sunset Point

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The term Cappadocia is believed to have been originated from the ancient Persian words: "tukha" or "dukha", and  means "The Land of Beautiful Horses".
There is nothing quite like seeing the world from the back of a horse. Riding the beautiful Cappadocian horses around this unique environment will be an unforgettable experience; exploring the hidden treasures in a land that offers attractive and lunar landscapes, filled of magic, tradition and history.
Most of the horses we use are valued for their endurance and perfect adaptation to the harsh climate of the region. Even the inexperienced riders may handle our horses easily.
We have Horseback Riding Tours for the beginners and advanced riders;
Horseback Riding Tour takes place in the amazing valleys of Cappadocia;
1 hour – 2 hours – 4 hours – daily (8 hours) tours are available.
Horseback riding tour takes you to the most popular, amazing points of the Cappadocia;
Red Valley, Swords Valley, Zemi Valley, Aydın Kıragı Hill, Rose Valley, Love Valley, White Valley, Pasabagı, Pigeon Valley, Cavusin, Sunset Point.
Tour price starts from 40 euros ..


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