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Highlights of This Tour
Marmaris, Ekincik Bay, Ancient Caunos, Dalyan, Dalaman River, Dalaman Beach, Oludeniz, Gocek, Manastir Bay, Oludeniz, Disibilmez Bay...

Day 1
When all members of your group have arrived the skipper will welcome you with a cocktail and answer any questions you may have about the trip. For your first night on board we'll stay in the harbour so that you may get acquainted at leisure with lively Marmaris.

Day 2
After breakfast we depart for Ekincik Bay, some distance to the south east of Marmaris. There we'll be met by a river boat which will take us to the site of ancient Caunos in the delta of Dalyan river and then up river further to the sulphur mud baths, supposedly very cleansing for your skin. The extensive sandy beaches of Dalyan delta are one of the last breeding places of the Mediterranean sea turtle.

Day 3
Even before you wake up in the morning the yacht will leave Ekincik so as to profit from the morning wind which usually blows off Dalaman beach. With all sails set,you'll be served an uncomplicated sandwich breakfast. For lunch and a dive into crystal clear water we'll drop anchor in Manastir Bay. Later in the afternoon we'll sail on to Bedri Rahmi Bay, "creator" of the blue voyages. We'll anchor in this lovely place for the night.
Day 4
On this day we'll set sail for Tersane Island. Many centuries ago the people of this region built their wooden ships here. You can still see ruins of the ancient shipyard. Later in the day we'll sail on to Gocek, our anchorage for the night. Gocek is a small village but recently it has developed into a yachting base with two marinas and many yachting facilities.

Day 5
After breakfast, we'll leave Gocek for Kargi bay, a quiet picturesque location where we'll spend ample time swimming, snorkelling and wind surfing. In the afternoon we'll go on to the town of Fethiye. A minibus will be ready there to take us to the famous lagoon "Oludeniz". The long, white sand and pebble beach extends far into the sea causing the clear water to shimmer bright turquoise. When we return to the yacht, dinner will be ready. Later on you'll surely spend some time in town, sight-seeing, shopping or visiting disco club Letoonia.

Day 6
In the morning we'll cross the quiet expanses of Fethiye Bay to Disibilmez. This little bay is a paradise for snorkelling fans. What's more, it's also a meeting place for many kinds of fish, just waiting to be caught. Good luck to any fishermen amongst us! Maybe there'll also be some grilled fish at the barbecue we might have on the beach in the evening.

Day 7
After breakfast we'll set sail for Kadirga Bay where we'll spend some time swimming, surfing and snorkelling.Then we'll go on to Myra island and for a last dive into the clear water of outer Marmaris Bay, to Paradise Island then with the setting sun we'll make fast for Marmaris quay. So Say To Say: Our last breakfast together then it will be time so say goodbye until we meet again, some other time for another cruise. Please Contact Us! to get more information about tours, prices and details.


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Marmaris, Fethiye, Ekincik Bay, Ancient Caunos, Dalyan, Dalaman River, Dalaman Beach, Oludeniz, Gocek, Manastir Bay, Oludeniz, Disibilmez Bay