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The Flight

Since the balloon tours are operated early in the morning, the flight does not interfere with the regular daily sight-seeing program. One day before the flight, we contact our passengers to arrange the exact pick-up time, suggest suitable clothing for the time of year, and give the latest weather information.

Early morning (at dawn), you will be transferred from your hotel to the take-off point by luxury vehicles.

Once at the take-off point, you can watch the equipment preparation and if you want you can help too. It takes about 30 minutes and then the pilot will give you a fully comprehensive pre-flight safety briefing and permission to come on board.

As the balloon is not connected to the ground, no sensation of fear or vertigo is experienced by the passengers and it is not colder in the balloon than it is on the ground.

The flight starts and from the sky you will admire the bizarre Cappadocia's topography, a fantastic and incredible panoramic view with the sunrise coloring the landscape in warm tones of golden.

A unique opportunity for very special photos!

Balloon Flight is 1 hour flight and balloon basket size is for 12 people.


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